28 Mar 2011

Day #4: The Art of Seoul

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Today was a little less hectic, but still just as enjoyable. Had lunch with a local fashion designer who… Read more

26 Mar 2011

Day #3: Seoul from Different POVs

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Really took this day in by walking around Seoul all day. Started with treking a couple miles uphill to The Seoul Tower, then… Read more

24 Mar 2011

Day #2: Subway Market in Seoul

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There is great food, everywhere!! When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere!! The above photo was taken INSIDE of an entire… Read more

23 Mar 2011

Day #1: Lost and Found in Seoul

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So we arrived in Seoul on Tuesday (3/22). The airport (ICN) was amazingly clean and empty – loved the fact that we (holding US passports) needed no visas, and the entire immigration process with no lines took literally less than 2 minutes. Then, took a bus into Seoul, where our mini-adventure began… Read more

21 Mar 2011

Nightly View from our Guangzhou Balcony

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Simply, I’ll let the picture do the talking. Fortunate to live where we live, and have what we have.

18 Mar 2011

“Follow the Red Bricked Road, Follow…”

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We’re very fortunate to live along the Pearl River in Guangzhou. One of my favorite relaxing activities is… Read more

16 Mar 2011

Sting Ray… It’s What’s for Dinner.

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Seen (and offered fresh) at a local seafood restaurant.

14 Mar 2011

Is that a Looong-Spouted Tea Kettle in Your Hand, or Are You Just Happy…

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At a restaurant near our home, there are “tea pourers” who walk around and pour hot water from… Read more

10 Mar 2011

What’s for Dinner? Water beetles.

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At one of the best seafood restaurants that I’ve been to thus far in Guangzhou… Read more

08 Mar 2011

BBQ Boat Dinghy Thingy

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Snapped the above photo at the Canton Fair. Beginning every March and for several weeks here in Guangzhou… Read more